Saturday, June 13, 2009

Coronation, Ordination

It seems like the first post of any blog seems to be something like, "well, this is my blog!" or "trying this thing out...".

So, I guess this post is along those lines, but also to explain what the blog will be about. And to add a photo of me looking as mystical as possible, with beads and a headscarf and such. Adds to my credibility, no?

Dreams (interpretations), and Outfits (fashion commentary)- my two favorite things! And probably some random thoughts and observations.

Hum, I guess I did not need to specify that, since the title pretty much covers it. But sometimes it's nice to say things, even if people already know them, ya know?

So! For dream interpretations, please email me at dreamsandoutfits (at) gmail (dot) com. All submissions are confidential! Dreams can give you insight into your past, present, and future, and I happen to have a knack for interpreting them.

Let's do this thing!

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