Monday, April 11, 2011

Dream Interpretation: Little Red Airplane


I'm standing on a boat, in the ocean. A girl is standing in front of me, and she's looking at me with a look of deep love. I love her too, and I feel completely at peace, as if I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. I'm at peace with the past: everything that has come before has led to this moment.

In the sky there is a red airplane airplane with a propeller.


What a beautiful dream! This dream shows you at a place of complete contentment- in life in general, and in love. Perhaps these two are interrelated as well.

This dream could be speaking about where you are now, where you soon will be, or where you would like to be. If it is either of the latter two, this could indicate that you are on the right path- that your current (or past) actions, no matter how seemingly incongruent, will bring you here.

The ocean represents great truths, adventure and discovery, mystery, and things of great importance.  It's where we come from, as all life on Earth comes from the oceans. It can also represent your deepest emotions and feelings. Trying to describe the symbolism of the ocean is so difficult- it's one of those things one *feels* that goes deeper than words, so hopefully that makes sense!

As for the airplane- this could represent you and your path (transportation) through life, or the path of being with this girl, or both. Red is a bold color- meaning you are brave, and take chances, going boldly and so forth. Propeller airplanes are good-looking and stylish, old-fashioned, romantic, classic. Does this describe you?

There are many forms of transportation out there, and yours is flying. You are meant for great things. You are meant to fly.

Art: My Hawaii by JayRayCreations,  For My Pilot by moonflowers; Secret Haven by Luna Noche

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dream Interpretation: Backseat Driving


I'm riding on a bus, on my way to see someone who I care about deeply.  I have a steering wheel at my seat, and am trying to drive, but the bus keeps veering off course. It's terrifying- the bus is weaving in and out of lanes, and I'm trying to get it under control. 

Finally, I look near the front of the bus, and see that there's a driver up there. I realize that my steering is interfering with his driving, and I stop trying to steer. The bus driver gets the bus under control, and we ride smoothly to our destination.


As you can probably tell, the dream is pointing out a situation in your life where someone else is in charge, but you keep trying to take control! Since you are going to see someone important to you, this dream deals with something or someone who you care very much about. The person in charge could be the person you are going to see, or perhaps this dream relates to an area of your life that this person represents for you.

An alternate interpretation is that this is is about an area of your life where how things happen isn't really up to you- more a matter of fate, or happenstance.

When the bus was veering out of control, you felt scared. It's definitely scary to feel like things are out of your control. You then try your best to get things back on track, which only makes things worse! It takes faith and trust to let someone else be in charge, which you find, and things then go smoothly. Help this situation along by just relaxing and letting the person, or fate, do it's thing - anyone who's ever had a backseat driver knows that it makes getting where you're going harder, instead of easier.

Remember how safe and comforting it felt to fall asleep in the backseat of the car with your parents driving? You knew they'd get you home, and you didn't have to worry about anything- they took care of it. It sounds like you can trust this person, or fate, to get you where you are going, so sit back, let the driver drive, and enjoy the ride!

Art: Greta Masks her Trepidation with a Stoic Demeanor as she waits for the Bus before her Journey by faunafindsflora; Ol' Red by simplyhue; New, by lesliepeterson

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dream Interpretation: Voice Surgery

The dream mainly takes place in my hometown. Many people had gotten voice surgery to give them a beautiful singing voice. There was news around town that the surgeries turned out not to be safe, doctor who performed them was being investigated.  Later, I am leaving a performance at Carnegie Hall (not in my hometown), and after seeing the performances, I realized with horror that I had gotten the voice surgery too, and I was worried.

Here, a beautiful singing voice represents the ability to communicate your inner voice clearly and beautifully. That is, to communicate in such a way that you reveal the truth that's inside you to others. I'm not talking about "good communication" in the superficial way of Cosmo or the Oprah show when they repeat some cliche about "communication being the key to a good relationship, blah, blah, blah". A beautiful singing voice represents communicating in a real, intrinsic, instinctual way that may not even need words. It occurs to me that many people may never have experienced this since it is pretty rare- if not, may you one day, and if so, you know what I'm talking about! I believe, though, that you have at least tasted this and you want more!

Now then, you desire to communicate on this level, and so you, along with many others in your hometown (people who you know- consider your hometown to represent your friends, acquaintances, and people you encounter in your daily life). So, you try to achieve this through a quick method- getting surgery. This could represent trying to find an easy and quick way of relating to others on a deeper level rather than the more time-consuming methods of practicing.

Are you perhaps pushing yourself or others a bit too hard to get to this deeper level? If so, you are probably consciously unaware of your current "voice surgery" method, since you were surprised to learn of it in the dream . Perhaps you realize where you are falling short by realizing that someone who is well known or who you admire (I think Carnegie Hall would represent a big performance, from someone famous perhaps), is "singing" with a false voice.

Consider your current methods for achieving your beautiful "singing voice". Meditation or similar might help in this regard...

Thanks so much for sharing! I absolutely loved this dream!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dream Interpretation: Dog in Traffic

The other night I had a dream that I was standing on my street, when my dog got loose from her leash and ran out into the street. She proceeded to take a dump in the center of the busy Brooklyn street. Cars flew by, and were straddling her between their wheels (she's very small). I felt tremendous anxiety as this was happening.

This reminded me of a second dream I had a month or two ago. I was standing on a subway platform with my dog. I boarded a train, and as soon as the doors closed realized that she hadn't gotten on with me. I looked out the window of the subway car and saw her looking desperately back at me as it pulled away, shaking from fear.


Who or what your dog represents is the key to understanding these dreams. If she is similar to you, perhaps in appearance or demeanor, she could represent you. My thought is that she is different from you, so she could represent something that you care about, or an aspect of yourself such as your feelings. I think that she actually represents both of these - the former in the first dream, and the latter in the second.

The first dream may mean that you were, or are thinking about leaving behind something that is important to you - this could be something "real" such as a job, or a relationship, or something more abstract like a state of mind. It could also mean that you are afraid of forgetting about or losing track of something that is important to you - such as a long-term goal or desire.

I think that in the second dream, the dog represents an aspect of yourself - your feelings. The soft, vulnerable, hidden, feminine aspect that men have within. If this is so, the dream may suggest a particular event (past, present, or future) or a fear or urge - you lose control of your feelings (your dog), and then say or do something wrong or inappropriate (er, take a dump). It seems that this happens during a turbulent circumstance (traffic). The whole experience leaves you shaken.

If the dream is of a past or present event, it may be a recap or remembrance of what happened. If it is of a  serves as a warning, with insight into the situation. Namely - be aware that an emotional or unreasonable outburst may cause trouble, so try to keep your feelings in check or find a safe outlet for them.

Thanks so much for sending this dream! Also, thank you to the lady of this dream, who wrote me such a touching reply to the interpretation! You are awesome!

Art: Pause by jkldesign Brown Line by ariyamastudio; Waiting for the Ferry by ds brennan; Even at the End of the Day by obsoleteworld

Friday, August 14, 2009

La Boheme Moderne

Just saw the sneak-preview photos of this shoot for Viva la Moda magazine:

The gray blouse in the top photo, and gray bloomers in the bottom photo are made by me for Dreams + Outfits - yea! The styling of the right-side outfit in the top photo seems so right that I can't imagine anything else for that blouse after seeing this.

The inspiration was sculptural, graphic, and modern. The execution seems sort of modern flapper-bohemian, what with the cream-colored hat and the piled-on necklaces, which I think are fantastic + inspiring. I also really like the idea of a long strand of pearls and a little bow necklace like the one in the photos.

There are more photos at paperflowergirl and Red Nails.

(And, more dream interpretations coming soon, soon, soon, as I recover from a sickness that knocked me out for the last week or so. Yes!)