Friday, July 17, 2009

Fall Fashion: Carpetbags!

Who else is feeling me here? I want one, or several, carpetbags for fall, and have been working away on the patterns. I like them in southwestern (Native American, Mexican) and 80's vintage wallpaper-esque patterns. I love 'em as travel and weekend bags, handbags, and little clutches, too.

That outfit is from last year, but that southwest carpet bag is still radical and keepin' on - except for a strap crisis which saftey pins have sorta been able to handle.

I like these Etsy vintage carpet bags:

* and, thank you to Paper Cakes Finds and The Terrible Tews for featuring Dreams and Outfits on their blogs!
* also, I have a few dreams to get to...they are coming soon!

Vintage Bags from:
allencompanyinc, VonlenskaVintage, SkinnyandBernie


  1. oh i TOTALLY love carpet bags. especially the victorian looking ones. drool

  2. Yes! The victorian looking ones are fantastic! I love the victorian ones them as pretty little clutches, and as big carry-alls, too!