Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dream Interpretation: Sex and Freshly Packed Snowballs


I used to teach Tae Kwon Do. One of the moms (Hillary) was a bit unusual, as was her 4 year old daughter (Sierra). That's the back story, so the dream, which I had when I was about 13 or 14:

I walked into the office at the Tae Kwon Do school and Hillary was holding Sierra on her hip and wearing a sweater with the initials W.I. B. on it. I asked what it stood for and Sierra pointed to each letter in turn and announced what it stood for:

Wafering * Inhadescent * Bhobs

I looked quizzically at Hillary and she told me, with a look of embarrassed cockiness, "It means teenagers throwing freshly-packed snowballs".


Snowballs Grow in Springtime by ShadedMemoriesThis dream deals with your feelings about girls at the time you had it (13 or 14 years old). At that age, it seems like you were attracted to girls, but found them intimidating! Here are the clues:

The mom is wearing a sweater that has letters that stand for "wafering inhadescent bhobs". These words sound a lot like, "wavering incandescent boobs", which is, I guess, a pretty decent way to describe teenage girls from a boy's point of view- changeable, thus, hard to figure out (wavering), glowing and lovely (incandescent), and sexy (er, boobs, all the more emphasized since it's written across her chest!). Since the little girl is the one to announce this, it may mean that this is the more innocent, or apparent, explanation.

Then, Hilary, the mom, explains a deeper, or hidden meaning, perhaps dealing with a more subconscious apprehension - "teenagers throwing freshly packed snowballs". This means that the newly sexy girls have a new (freshly packed) power - to be mean, or reject you (by throwing snowballs, which are cold, and which hurt - especially freshly packed ones).

I think that overall, this is a pretty good assessment of this dream...and I try to avoid over analyzing dreams, since some symbols may be unimportant or incidental. But, I usually can't help myself, so here goes:

You were at the Tae Kwon Do school. Since you were an instructor, this was a world in which you felt comfortable and in charge, perhaps representing the end of your elementary school, or childhood years. When you reach the age of 11 or 12, you're one of the big kids at school, and you may have felt good and comfortable about this. Then, high school or middle school and girls "enter" this world, and things change.

Why Hillary and Sierra? Other than what I said above about what the woman and girl could represent, I wonder, why them? If the mom was attractive, that could be a clear link. However, you mentioned that they were "unusual". Perhaps their strangeness represents the strangeness of teenage girls.

Great dream- I loved this one!

Art: Thorns by Elsita, Snowballs Grow in Springtime by ShadedMemories


  1. This one's great because it illustrates the simple, remarkable logic of dreams. Sometimes the symbolism in dreams is so simple, childlike and ingenious you overthink it and go right past the obvious. Good one!


  2. Thanks, Sean! I liked this one, too!