Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Outfit: Puffy Puffy for the Recession (and beyond)

Here's what I wore today...let's see what's a-happenin' here:

1. Recession Resourcefulness: This skirt, by imyourpresent on Etsy, is actually a dress- I just folded the top under to make it into a skirt. For someone who likes getting dressed so much, I actually have few pieces - I just like to wear the same things over and over in lots of ways. Which reminds me of how they say French women dress, or how people dress (or should, I guess!) during a recession.

2. Paperbag waists: I'm usually like the guy in The Onion with the Outside Scoop column when it comes to fashion. I don't keep up with the world of fashion, as it were- I just wear what I like, and notice cool stuff that people are wearing, or selling on Etsy. I've heard this look called a paper bag waist- I wasn't actually trying to do this, it just happened when I put the belt on to keep the skirt from falling down! I do like very much these examples of the paper bag waist from Chloe and hierapparel (on Etsy):

3. Sculptural skirts: This skirt is actually *not* doing this, but I jumped in the air in front of the mirror, and loved the way the skirt looked puffed at the top, and narrower at the bottom. I want some skirts that do this all the time (taffeta, shantung, or stiff cotton), especially for fall! I'm actually working on a dress that does this a bit, so my puffy dreams may be coming true!

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