Friday, August 14, 2009

La Boheme Moderne

Just saw the sneak-preview photos of this shoot for Viva la Moda magazine:

The gray blouse in the top photo, and gray bloomers in the bottom photo are made by me for Dreams + Outfits - yea! The styling of the right-side outfit in the top photo seems so right that I can't imagine anything else for that blouse after seeing this.

The inspiration was sculptural, graphic, and modern. The execution seems sort of modern flapper-bohemian, what with the cream-colored hat and the piled-on necklaces, which I think are fantastic + inspiring. I also really like the idea of a long strand of pearls and a little bow necklace like the one in the photos.

There are more photos at paperflowergirl and Red Nails.

(And, more dream interpretations coming soon, soon, soon, as I recover from a sickness that knocked me out for the last week or so. Yes!)


  1. Looks great! Love the hat with the blouse too :)


  2. Love these photos, Michelle!
    And the bloomers you're creating now.. ahh! I want them all! Need. cash.

    Much love, from