Friday, September 11, 2009

Dream Interpretation: Dog in Traffic

The other night I had a dream that I was standing on my street, when my dog got loose from her leash and ran out into the street. She proceeded to take a dump in the center of the busy Brooklyn street. Cars flew by, and were straddling her between their wheels (she's very small). I felt tremendous anxiety as this was happening.

This reminded me of a second dream I had a month or two ago. I was standing on a subway platform with my dog. I boarded a train, and as soon as the doors closed realized that she hadn't gotten on with me. I looked out the window of the subway car and saw her looking desperately back at me as it pulled away, shaking from fear.


Who or what your dog represents is the key to understanding these dreams. If she is similar to you, perhaps in appearance or demeanor, she could represent you. My thought is that she is different from you, so she could represent something that you care about, or an aspect of yourself such as your feelings. I think that she actually represents both of these - the former in the first dream, and the latter in the second.

The first dream may mean that you were, or are thinking about leaving behind something that is important to you - this could be something "real" such as a job, or a relationship, or something more abstract like a state of mind. It could also mean that you are afraid of forgetting about or losing track of something that is important to you - such as a long-term goal or desire.

I think that in the second dream, the dog represents an aspect of yourself - your feelings. The soft, vulnerable, hidden, feminine aspect that men have within. If this is so, the dream may suggest a particular event (past, present, or future) or a fear or urge - you lose control of your feelings (your dog), and then say or do something wrong or inappropriate (er, take a dump). It seems that this happens during a turbulent circumstance (traffic). The whole experience leaves you shaken.

If the dream is of a past or present event, it may be a recap or remembrance of what happened. If it is of a  serves as a warning, with insight into the situation. Namely - be aware that an emotional or unreasonable outburst may cause trouble, so try to keep your feelings in check or find a safe outlet for them.

Thanks so much for sending this dream! Also, thank you to the lady of this dream, who wrote me such a touching reply to the interpretation! You are awesome!

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