Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dream Interpretation: Voice Surgery

The dream mainly takes place in my hometown. Many people had gotten voice surgery to give them a beautiful singing voice. There was news around town that the surgeries turned out not to be safe, doctor who performed them was being investigated.  Later, I am leaving a performance at Carnegie Hall (not in my hometown), and after seeing the performances, I realized with horror that I had gotten the voice surgery too, and I was worried.

Here, a beautiful singing voice represents the ability to communicate your inner voice clearly and beautifully. That is, to communicate in such a way that you reveal the truth that's inside you to others. I'm not talking about "good communication" in the superficial way of Cosmo or the Oprah show when they repeat some cliche about "communication being the key to a good relationship, blah, blah, blah". A beautiful singing voice represents communicating in a real, intrinsic, instinctual way that may not even need words. It occurs to me that many people may never have experienced this since it is pretty rare- if not, may you one day, and if so, you know what I'm talking about! I believe, though, that you have at least tasted this and you want more!

Now then, you desire to communicate on this level, and so you, along with many others in your hometown (people who you know- consider your hometown to represent your friends, acquaintances, and people you encounter in your daily life). So, you try to achieve this through a quick method- getting surgery. This could represent trying to find an easy and quick way of relating to others on a deeper level rather than the more time-consuming methods of practicing.

Are you perhaps pushing yourself or others a bit too hard to get to this deeper level? If so, you are probably consciously unaware of your current "voice surgery" method, since you were surprised to learn of it in the dream . Perhaps you realize where you are falling short by realizing that someone who is well known or who you admire (I think Carnegie Hall would represent a big performance, from someone famous perhaps), is "singing" with a false voice.

Consider your current methods for achieving your beautiful "singing voice". Meditation or similar might help in this regard...

Thanks so much for sharing! I absolutely loved this dream!

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